vocabulary of solitude

arken museum of modern art
december 16, 2017 - december 30, 2018

curated by kiira miesmaa

list of works

vocabulary of solitude | UGO RONDINONE

vocabulary of solitude, 2014 - 2016
polystyrene foam, epoxy resin, fabric

be. breathe. sleep. dream. wake. rise. sit. hear. look. think. stand. walk. pee. shower. dress. drink. fart. shit. read. laugh. cook. smell. taste. eat. clean. write. daydream. remember. cry. nap. touch. feel. moan. enjoy. float. love. hope. wish. sing. dance. fall. curse. yawn. undress. lie.
love invents us | UGO RONDINONE

love invents us, 1999
translucent film on window
dimensions variable
the vacant | UGO RONDINONE

the vacant, 2014
acrylic on wood, glass panel
112 cm × 196 cm × 5 cm
wind moon | UGO RONDINONE

wind moon, 2011
cast aluminum, white enamel
520 cm × 600 cm × 460 cm
sechsundzwanzigsterfebruarzweitausendundsechzehn | UGO RONDINONE

sechsundzwanzigsterfebruarzweitausendundsechzehn, 2016
acrylic airbrush on canvas, silkscreen on plexiglass plaque
520 cm × 270 cm