another banana day for the dream-fish

palais de tokyo
june 22, 2018 - september 9, 2018

curated by Sandra Adam-Couralet and Yoann Gourmel

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vocabulary of solitude | UGO RONDINONE

vocabulary of solitude, 2014 - 2016
polystyrene foam, epoxy resin, fabric

be. breathe. sleep. dream. wake. rise. sit. hear. look. think. stand. walk. pee. shower. dress. drink. fart. shit. read. laugh. cook. smell. taste. eat. clean. write. daydream. remember. cry. nap. touch. feel. moan. enjoy. float. love. hope. wish. sing. dance. fall. curse. yawn. undress. lie.
love invents us | UGO RONDINONE

love invents us, 1999
translucent film on window
dimensions variable